Artist Statement  

Landscape Painting


My landscape painting derives from a long-term series called Rivers, Mountains and Sea. The aim of this effort is to explore the mingling and collision of water and air with sand and rock. My ambition is to speak to the idea of resistance, change and transformation in the land, as in the human psyche.


Painting primarily in acrylic, I am often drawn to a colorful, heightened and stylized presentation. My working method relies on direct, as well as recalled encounters with nature. These ruminations serve as starting points for my reflection on the capacity of wind, water and light to modify the seemingly permanent nature of things.


In this environment, mark making moves beyond the verifying of facts to the cataloging of visual behaviors that correspond to shifts in temperament and what we understand to be true. In turn, they draw on the inclination of a dedicated expressionist to embrace overstatement as the most effective language for representing the natural world.