Up and Away with Sedna's Own
Eggplants Afloat at Dusk
Late Day, Dune Time
Chiles Heading In and Out
Small Cone, Shells at Dusk
How Heliconias Dream, And When
Chile Shadow, Inner Light
Chiles Aloft at Day's End
When Sunset Shells Go Ahhh!
The Levels That Float Between Up & Over There
The Shells That Dreamed of Going Home
The Wisdom of Conches on the Way to Up
Surf Dreams in the House of Shells
Major Tizzy in the District of Dunes
How Conches Float Up North
The Secret Life of Simple Shapes
Up North With Arrows and Conches
Up With Shells to the Night Sky
Up With Zinnias, Conch and Clam
Chile Indoors, Sunset Out
The Flight Away of Garlic & Squashes
The Progress of Bags, Shells & Cone
Shells & Crabs Rushing By
The Eternal Love Life of Things in Motion
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