The History of Shine, Flow & Glow
The Day That Texture Learned To Hum
The Shine Within The Action Frame
The Poetic Sounds of Scumbles and Scrapes
Snapshot of a Trilobite That Got Away
How Raku Effects Hit the Big Time
How It Feels to Float on Bronze
Tippy Is the Pour & Texture, Too
Floating Where Few Have Floated At All
As If The Flow Could Go Up Now
Icebergs From Low Orbit & The Weather
The Chromosphere Gets Its Close-up
Icebergs From Low Orbit & The Weather, Too
All the Patinas Scramble for Likes
The Game Plan of Stillness is to Hover There
A Forward-Thinking Tile Finds Its Way Home
What To Do If a Bronze Tile Winks
This Tweed Curtain Has An Inner Life, Too
The Lengthy Resumes of Copper and Gold
A Yes Vote For Eye Delight
The Fossil Tile That Found Fresh Air
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